Polyurethane for the Refrigeration Sector

Amino has been providing polyurethane systems for the refrigeration industry for 36 years.

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PU Systems and Adhesives that help your company

We serve a variety of Polyurethane and Refrigeration industry applications, for all processes: spray, manual, discontinuous and continuous.

Polyurethane Solutions

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We develop PU technology that adheres to the refrigeration industry standards, meeting the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols, with zero ODP and low GWP blowing agents.

Scientific knowledge and passion for innovation in the refrigeration industry

Amino is constantly evolving. Our mission is to expand the possibilities of design, safety, performance, thermal insulation (K factor), performance, reliability and sustainability.

Sistema poliuretânico rígido isolação térmica – injeção

Sistema poliuretânico rígico isolação térmica – spray

Sistema poliuretânico rígico isolação termica – blocos

Sistema poliuretânico rígido estrutural

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